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Buffoonery - Body Mask Theatre of Parody and the Grotesque

Dario Fo said that 'clowns are grotesque blasphemies against all our pieties' and that is why we need them. This form of dark clowning of the grotesque is relevant for the jongleurs and storytellers of Fo's 'Mistero Buffo' as well as the fools of Shakespeare who are licensed to say things forbidden to other characters. Le Coq favored a style that was fantastic, creating body masks that masked an otherness, creatures who came from elsewhere, fascinated and amused by our follies. A landscape reminiscent of Heironymous Bosch. Phillipe Gaulier favored a more literal form evoking a kind of Breughelesque world populated by the disfigured, deformed, rejected and despised, allowed back on All Fools Day into the community that had cast them out.

A blend of these two original, inventive and iconic styles can create moments of theatre that can be recognizable and imagistic, parodic and hard hitting, a corrosive acidity masked by a smile.
Mitch Mitchelson